Agra Fort MG explorer - October 2004

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< Part of a north bound coal laden BOXN freight rake had derailed on the Delhi - Mathura section severely disrupting traffic that morning. Bulldozers and men can be seen here hard at work clearing the line for traffic. A Tower Wagon can be seen on the right as it resurrects the catenary.

< WDG3C 14962 from Katni shed looks resplendant in its bright livery as it brings in a set of flat cars with sleepers meant to replace the damaged ones on the track ahead.

< One of the many north bound trains we crossed that morning which were backed up one behind the other as section controllers struggled to clear traffic. Here Erode's WAP4 22381 heads the late running Grand Trunk Express from Chennai.

< Ludhiana shed's Jumbo WDM2 17813 greets us as we roll into Mathura.

< Pulling into Achnera Jn on the Agra Fort bound Marudhar Express. The line to the left of the photograph is the one coming from Bharatpur. Note how one of the route indicator signals has been removed from the gantry.

< The remains of the once busy MG yard at Achnera Jn. The old steam sted with its water towers can be seen in the background while earthworks for a broad gauge platform occupy the foreground!

< Izzatnagar's YDM4 6534 heads a passenger working from Agra Fort. The same loco would work this train back to Agra Fort a little while after our departure.

< The old BG steam shed at Idgah. The Agra area had 3 steam sheds at one time. The first was at Agra Cant. which was CR's BG loco shed. The other 2 were both at Idgah; 1 for the MG and 1 for the BG - both WR sheds.

< Our train negotiates a portion of the double S curve between Idgah Jn. and Agra Fort. The BG line from Bayana runs parallel with the MG on this section.

< Arrival at Agra Fort.

< A view of the MG yards at Agra Fort. Notice the 2 distinct architectural styles - that of the Victorian station building on the left and the magnificent Jama Masjid on the right.

< The Jama Masjid looms large as the Gokul Express rolls into Pf.3 of Agra Fort station. A YDM4 stands light at the head of the carriage yard while another waits with a stabled rake on Pf.4

< A view of the grand station canopy at Agra Fort which stretches across from the BG side to the MG platforms.

< The Agra Fort forms an impressive backdrop to the already elegant station building there.

< A bridge with a view like no other - the WR bridge across the Yamuna river affords unhindered views of the Taj Mahal which is located on its east bank while the Red Fort can be seen on its west bank (not visible in this pic).

< WAG7 27266 from Ajni shed crawls through the Yamuna river bridge with a BCN freight in tow.

< Gangs of Yamuna Bridge!

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