Baroda area NG explorer - September 2004

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< Early morning action at Vadodara Jn. A Vadodara shed WAM4 brings in a south bound working while another loco from the same shed departs with a train for Ahmedabad. A WCAM1 can be seen in the distance and on the right of the photo is a Vatva WDS4 awaiting further duties.

< Pratapnagar workshops as a ZB class narrow gauge locomotive lies there forgotten. There are 2 more ZB class locos at the workshop in a greater state of neglect than this one.

< Pratapnagar shed's ZDM5 No.519 makes an entry into its home shed ater having worked a train from Dabhoi.

< The DRM, Baroda's earmarked narrow gauge saloon car No.RA7 stands in the sidings at Pratapnagar station.

< The charming little station at Pratapnagar. The train that we were to catch to Jambusar can be seen standing on Pf.1

< Enroute to Jambusar - trundling along at a max permissible speed of 35 kmh! Note the complete absence of sleepers on the track.

< Clockwise from L to R: Vaibhav Sarin, Sandeep Sharma and Roopesh Kohad in our general second class coach enroute from Pratapnagar to Jambusar.

< The trio posing with our train at Jambusar Jn.

< ZDM5 No.501 at the head of our 3 coach train to Bharuch seen here at Samni Jn. The branch line to Dahej from this point is now closed.

< Miyagam Karjan Jn. the next morning as the Bombay bound Karnavati Exp races past us with WCAM1 21822 in charge.

< A way side halt enroute from Miyagam Karjan to Dabhoi on the country's oldest narrow gauge section which dates back to 1862!

< Kayavarohan - the only station with a crossing loop on the Miyagam - Dabhoi section. ZDM5 No.526 was in charge of our 5 coach train that morning.

< A view of Dabhoi Jn. station as seen from the foot overbridge. Of the 6 platforms, the main platform (left of pic) is a longer one accomodating 2 trains so in effect it has only 5 platforms. 4 are in use today with the last one (not seen in pic) having been taken over as a rake stabling facility due to a drastic drop in traffic. 1 of these platforms (beyond the 2 domes) serves the branch line to Chandod.

< A train bound for Chotta Udepur departs Pf.6 of Dabhoi Jn. The carriage depot is located behind that magnificent tree and the water tower of the erstwhile steam shed can be seen in the distance.

< ZDM5 No.522 of Pratapnagar shed shows of its smart livery after having detached from the train it brought in from the Miyagam Karjan side.

< The grand waiting gall at Dabhoi Jn. station.

< Dabhoi steam shed in its days of glory. This photo was taken by a British visitor (name unknown) in the mid 80's and features from L to R : a ZB class, a P class, a W1 class and a WT class. This photo was gifted to me by the Loco Foreman at Dabhoi during my visit there in 1988.

< The remains of Dabhoi steam locomotive shed today.

< Typical station bulding on the Dabhoi - Pratapnagar section.

< Back at Vadodara Jn. as Valsad shed's WCAM2P 21877 brings in the Bombay bound Shatabdi Express.

< Evening rush hour at Vadodara Jn. A Ratlam WDM2 brings in the 4 coach Dahod - Vadodara shuttle as the Ahmedabad bound passenger waits behind a WCAM1 and the Amritsar bound Paschim Exp readies to depart with a WAP4 in charge. Vadodara's self propelled twin car medical relief unit can be seen parked on the left.

< Green Beauty Contest entry - Vadodara's WAP4 No.22540 'Rajhans' coasts into Pf.1 with a WCAM1 in tow.

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