WP 7161 in Bombay (Jan-Feb 2000)

WP 7161 was retired from service in 1996 when it was based at the Saharanpur shed. Prior to that it was on the Northeast Frontier Railway at New Jalpaiguri shed. In 1999 7161 and another WP No.7015 were overhauled at the Charbagh workshops of NR at Lucknow. These two locos were then sent to Saharanpur shed and from there travelled on their own steam to the National Rail Museum at New Delhi. Both were meant to haul the 'Palace On Wheels' train on a part of its route. However this has not materialised as yet and these locos can today be found in the yards of the NRM, New Delhi awaiting further orders. 7161 found its way to Bombay in December 1999 and was meant to run a steam special on Republic day. This again did not materialise! However it was put to good use by some film people here in Bombay and was eventually steamed up for the shooting of the film, 'Veer Savarkar' on the 15th of Feb 2000. Film technicalities aside it was a visual treat for us railway fans. Viraf Mulla, Sarosh Mehta and me managed to photograph 7161 on two occasions and here are some of the pictures taken by me...

WP 7161 begins its run from the Santacruz end of BAMY yard with its 4 coach train as fog machines work overtime to create a 'foggy' effect!
Close up of 7161 as it slows to a halt.

WP 7161 in all its glory at the head of its 4 coach train. Note the 'MSR' board on the loco. Supposedly for Midland Scottish Railways!! Had the production team done their homework they would have known that this class, gauge and type of loco never made it to the UK leave alone the MSR!! Not to mention the overhead wires it was running under!!
Another shot of 7161 at BAMY yard. A WDS4 diesel hydraullic shunting loco can be seen on the left of the picture and the carriage yard on the right.

Side shot of 7161 as it prepares
to reverse its train into the yard.
Close up view of the
'Midland Scottish Railways' rake which
was modified slightly at the Parel shops
to give it the non IR look!!

Side shot of the same loco
showing its elegant lines.
7161 stands 'dead'
at Bandra diesel shed.

WP 7161 stands under cover at the Bandra shed.
Rear side view of the same loco.

Diesels in the shed...WDM2 'Jumbo' No.17859 of Ernakulam shed (SR) stands with WDS4 No.19414 of Bandra shed. The WDM2 must have travelled quite a long way from its home shed in the south to make it into the Bandra diesel shed!! It is a rare sight to see Jumbos in the Bombay area of WR! This loco was spotted by us on our first visit to the shed on the 6th of Feb and was in the same position on the 15th!!


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